Building the rural and remote Allied Health Assistant workforce


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Build your allied health assistant workforce!

The purpose of BRAHAW is to assist rural and remote AHPs working in private and non government orgnaisations to build their allied health assistant workforce, roles and models of service delivery promoting viability and reach of their practices.

Through BRAHAW, SARRAH will work with each organisation assisting them to build a local skilled AHA workforce, and providing a tailored package of practice and workforce support . Combined this approach will assist organisations to develop operational capacity to deliver services and improve community access to allied health by implementing an allied health assistant service delivery model. 



How SARRAH can help you

SARRAH will work with your organisation to develop your AHA workforce and service model. Some of the roles and responsibilities of SARRAH and the organisation are outlined below: 

  Organisation SARRAH
Workforce   Employ AHA and provide support for training and development  Provide education funds for AHA to complete Certificate IV 
Supervision and support Provide structured supervision and support to the allied health assistant

Provide templates and resources to assist organisation to implement structured supervision and support

Provides workplace training grant to support these activities 

 Governance Implement supervision, delegation and service delivery under a governance framework relevant to the organisations workplace

Provide templates, resources and assistance to the organisation to put governance systems and framework in place

Provides workplace training grant to support these activities 

 Service model Develop and implement (or review and improve) an allied health assistant service delivery model to increase organisational capacity 

Provide access to participating organisations to education inlcuding Successful AHA models of care in rural settings, and Introduction to project management 

Provides workplace training grant to support these activities 

 SARRAH will provide funding and supports to the organisation during the implementation of BRAHAW. The organisation is entitled to receive:




Education funds

All course costs will be covered

funding is for the position not the individual.

Workplace training grant


Considers the costs of supervision and on-the-job training and backfill for the trainee.

Travel and accommodation


On agreement with SARRAH, if necessary to attend face to face training or similar


To be eligible for the program packages the organisation must be:

  1. A private practice (including sole practitioner) or non-government organisation providing allied health services in rural and remote communities
  2. Be located within an area classified as per Modified Monash Model as MM 3-MM 7 or be located within an MM2 and provide the majority of your services within MM 3-MM 7 regions.
  3. Be willing to develop and implement as AHA service delivery model, and meet the requirements listed above.

Please read the program guidelines to confirm your elligibility for the program. BRAHAW Program Guidelines

What next?

APPLICATIONS Opening 3rd June 2022 -

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