AHRG Workforce and Employment Scheme

Are you an allied health service provider in private practice, disability or aged care sectors, primary health network or other non government allied health service organisation?

Does your organisation provide allied health services in the following areas: Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Dietetics, Radiography, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Podiatry, Psychology, and Social Work?

The Allied Health Rural Generalist (AHRG) pathway has shown success in the recruitment and retention of allied health practitioners within state health jurisdictions. The Allied Health Rural Generalist Workforce and Education Scheme (AHRGWES) is a mechanism to introduce the successes of the AHRG pathway seen in state health jurisdictions into non-government allied health service providers, such as Primary Health Networks, Disability service providers, aged care service providers and private practices. For more information on the AHRG please see information and factsheets: The Allied Health Rural Generalist Pathway

The AHRGWES will see local service providers with (new or existing) early career allied health professionals implement and support an AHRGP training position. Funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health, training packages incorporate workplace grants paid to employers to support the implementation of traineeships and scholarships for trainees to cover the coursework component of the scheme.

More information on the employer supervision and support requirements, and the training position education requirements can be found in fact sheet: Resource 1: Allied Health Rural Generalist Training Positions: an Overview 


Following early successes of the AHRGP within the public health settings, the program is now targeting primary health, disability and aged care services within the not for profit and private sector. Scholarships and employer support packages are available for organisations that meet the eligibility criteria below.

To be eligible to apply for the program packages your organisation must:

  • Be located within an area classified as per Modified Monash Model as MM 3-MM 7 or be located within an MM2 and provide the majority of your services within MM 3-MM 7 regions; for more to determine your classification, please visit  www.health.gov.au/health-workforce/health-workforc...(link is external)
  • Be willing to support the staff member to complete the education, service development project, and supervision requirements within work time (this would require a commitment of .1FTE each week)
  • Have supervision available to support the practitioner on a regular basis

The program currently supports the following professions: Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Dietetics, Radiography, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Podiatry, Psychology, and Social Work.

Financial support available:

Education fees assistance

SARRAH will fund the education component of AHRG pathway for your allied health professional AHRG trainee. These funds will be paid directly to James Cook University. Program Education funding available:

  • Level 1 Up to $10,000 per participant
  • Level 2  Up to $28,000 per participant

Workplace training grants

These funds will be paid directly to the participating organisation and can be used to cover backfill and/or support the rural generalist trainee to complete education, supervision and project components the program.

  • Level 1 Up to $16,000 per participant over 1 year
  • Level 2  Up to $32,000 per participant over 2 years


For more detailed information watch the webinar https://sarrah.org.au/content/sarrah-webinars-1   (link is external)

Please contact Gemma Tuxworth or Rhiannon Memery if you have any questions or would like to discuss further:

ahrgwes@sarrah.org.au(link sends e-mail)

Gemma Tuxworth: 0491 207 215

Rhiannon Memery: 0491 209 755

To apply please complete and submit the following form