How about a Real Plan for Access to Health Care for All Australians?

SARRAH calls on all politicians and aspirants to prioritise access to the ‘universal health care’ we pride ourselves on but too many can’t get. Rural communities need GPs, but they also need all the other services that keep them out of hospital, well and independent.  

How universal is a health system that delivers worse health outcomes for people in rural and remote Australia year after year?

People have different and complex health needs, they deserve a fit-for-purpose multidisciplinary health workforce, skilled in providing team-based care.  This is what we need from Governments, whoever they are.

Allied health workforce and service shortages impact people living in rural and remote Australia adversely every day. Addressing them should be an urgent priority. 

Health should be among the highest priorities for candidates in the coming Federal election. How much do they know about access to the services people need?  Click here to read full media release.