SARRAH presents the SQUAWK Award to recognise a member who contributes to the organisation and makes an outstanding, long-term contribution to improve Australia’s rural and remote allied health capacity, access and quality and who demonstrates an exemplary commitment to address the challenges and constraints people face in delivering and accessing these vital services.

Professor Narelle Campbell, Rural and Remote Health, Flinders University NT, was the winner of the 2021 Award Ceremony held virtually at the SARRAH Annual General Meeting. Professor Campbell is only the eleventh person to receive the award since it was first presented in 2001.

In making the Award, SARRAH acknowledged Narelle’s leadership, guidance, mentoring and governance skills, her compassion and the great commitment she has shown to equitable rural allied health access, workforce development and education throughout her career.

Professor Campbell's contribution also extended to 5 years’ service on the SARRAH Board, including several years as Treasurer, during which time SARRAH weathered difficult operating circumstances and adapted to be well-positioned to continue the work she represents so well.

Flinders University NT  stated that " this award also showcase the committment of Flinders University to making a difference through its work in allied health" .  Read more here 

SARRAH SQUAWK Award Recipients

Narelle Campbell - 2021

Dr Kim Bulkeley - 2020

Catherine Maloney [Darwin, 2018]

Robyn Glynn [Darwin, 2018]

Rob Curry [Port Lincoln, 2016]

Elaine Ashworth [Lauceston, 2012]

Owen Allen [Yeppoon, 2008]

Shelagh Lowe [Yeppoon, 2008]

Jason Warnock [Albury, 2006]

Robyn Adams [Alice Springs, 2004]

Michael Bishop [Cairns, 2001]

About the Award 

The SARRAH SQUAWK Award is a prestigious award, established to recognise SARRAH members for making significant service to the organisation or an outstanding contribution to Australia’s rural and remote allied health through:

  • Exemplary professional standards of excellence to the community and public that goes above and beyond the regular standards of service
  • Leadership, guidance, mentoring, and governance; in a team or for a group
  • Implementation of a process or system to achieve more efficacy, higher efficiency, improved productivity or better service delivery
  • Innovation in research, a program, project, or policy development

Conditions of entry

  • The nominee and the nominator should be SARRAH financial members at the time of nomination.
  • The award is open to any individual who operates in any allied health professionals in rural and remote Australia classified as per Modified Monash Model as MM3 – MM7.
  • Nominations can be made by anyone, but nominators and nominees should be existing SARRAH members respectively, or become one prior to nomination
  • Self-nominations by members will not be accepted
  • Nominations must fulfill all the required information and documentation, including corroborating evidence of the contribution being nominated for and signed references from authoritative sources
  • Nominations must be accompanied by a recent, updated CV and a high resolution, electronic photograph of the nominee that can be used for publicity purposes
  • Nominations must be submitted before or by the stated closing date
  • The board reserves the right to not award a SQUAWK Award in any given year