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Join our on-line Forum: 11:00am-12.30pm AEDT, Wednesday 13 April.

Australians value our ‘universal’ health system. It would be even better if everyone could access it.  

It’s the pointy end of the Federal Election cycle and we’re up to our necks in Budget talk. There’s lots of talk about health, as there should be.

We’ll hear promises about protecting Medicare and everyone’s plan will be better for public hospitals. But do the existing, albeit crucial, monoliths of our health system, guarantee access to the care people need when and where they need it?

Join our panelists for a timely discussion:

  • What does universal health care mean in Australia today?
  • Is accessible and equitable health care still a priority? Should it be?
  • Are our established systems up to delivering it?
  • Why change things: What’s the risk if we don’t reform?
  • If substantial reform is needed, what can we do about it?

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Our panelists:


Leanne Wells : Chief Executive Officer (Consumers Health Forum of Australia)

 Leanne has held executive positions in federal government and non-government organisations and has previously served as CEO of national peak and local service delivery organisations in the primary care sector. She is a health advocate and service executive with over thirty years’ experience in health and social policy, program, and service development. Leanne has broad governance experience and is currently Board Director of Coordinare (Southeast New South Wales’ Primary Health Network), the Ozhelp Foundation, and the Population Health Research Network. She is past Director of the Australian Pharmacy Council and painAustralia. She is Independent Chair of Coordinare’s Community Advisory Committee and Chair of the ACSQHC’s Patient Advisory Group. She has several advisory appointments including the Commonwealth’s Primary Health Care Advisory Group, the National Preventative Strategy Advisory Committee, and the OECD PaRIS Patient Advisory Panel. Leanne has tertiary qualifications in communications and business. She is a member of both the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Australian Institute of Management.

Catherine Maloney :Chief Executive Officer (SARRAH)

 Cath is the SARRAH CEO and has a background in physiotherapy with over 25 years of clinical experience prior to moving into health service management roles. Cath has worked in public sector, private and non-government settings including running her own practice, delivering allied health services across central and southern NSW. Cath completed a Master of Science in Medicine (Pain Management), is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD) and the advances leadership program with Women and Leadership Australia (2019). Over the past 12 years Cath has held leadership and management positions in state and Commonwealth government and with a remote Aboriginal Community-controlled organisation and served 6 years on the Board of a rurally based Primary Health Network. Cath is now the CEO of the SARRAH, a role she has held since April 2019.

 Kylie Woolcock: Acting Chief Executive (Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association)

Kylie has worked in the health sector for over 20 years, starting her career as a pharmacist, before moving her focus into health workforce development and service implementation. She has extensive experience in the for-purpose sector, bringing the diverse views of stakeholders together with the evidence base to influence and effect change. She has worked with a range of health professions, service providers and governments; from the perspectives of education, accreditation, policy, professional practice, clinical service provision, and regulation; and from a local region, national and international focus. She has postgraduate qualifications in health economics, artificial intelligence, training and management. 

Leading with Purpose in Rural and Remote Allied Health - 16 February 2022

The webinar discussed about:

  • The meanning of leadership for the allied health sector working in rural and remote Australia.
  • How do we make the leadership purposeful in rural and remote allied health sector.

 The webinar presented by:

SARRAH Webinar

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