Scholarships and Grants

A range of scholarships and grants are available to support the professional development of rural and remote Allied Health Professionals and students. 

Scholarships and grants are offered by many State and Territory Governments, the Commonwealth Government and other organisations. How these scholarships and grants can be used will vary: some will be for the costs of formal studies; some may be for conference or short course attendance; and others may support student placements.

Below is a limited list of some of scholarships and grants available to Allied Health Professionals and students in remote and rural areas. In addition to these, speak to your line manager, speak with your colleagues, review your state Health Department website, or get in touch with your Professional Association. These scholarships and grants provide you with an opportunity to invest in your professional development.

More information on State specific scholarships is available on the Scholarships page at the SARRAH website


Scholarships, Grants & You

  • What are your priority professional development areas?
  • Have you identified scholarships or grants that would be suitable to fund development in this area?
  • How could a scholarship or grant impact your development?