The selection of a member for the SARRAH SQUAWK Award is recognition by SARRAH of the contribution to Australia's rural and remote allied health practitioners by that member.

SARRAH Members who have been awarded the SQUAWK Award

Award Recipient Year of Award Where
Rob Curry 2016 Port Lincoln, SA
Elaine Ashworth 2012 Launceston, TAS
Owen Allen 2008 Yeppoon, QLD
Shelagh Lowe 2008 Yeppoon, QLD
Jason Warnock 2006 Albury, NSW
Robyn Adams 2004 Alice Springs, NT
Michael Bishop 2001 Cairns, QLD

Guidelines for awarding the SQUAWK Award


These guidelines have been approved by the Board of SARRAH to assist in awarding to a member a SARRAH SQUAWK Award. Each complete nomination for election is to be forwarded in the first instance to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who then forwards the nominations to the Board for consideration.

Criteria for a SQUAWK Award

The selection of a member for the SQUAWK Award is recognition by SARRAH of the contribution to Australia’s rural and remote Allied Health Practitioners by that member.

This award will be bestowed upon a member by the Board at SARRAH’s National Conference or at the SARRAH Summit, subject to these guidelines.

A contribution to SARRAH is one which results in:

  • service of excellence to the public, or to external or internal stakeholders
  • innovation in a program, project or policy development
  • leadership, including as a member of a team
  • the achievement of more efficient processes, improved productivity or better service delivery.

The Board can decide on the number of SQUAWK Awards issued in any one calendar year.

Procedure for Nomination

Any current member of SARRAH who wishes to have a person considered for nomination for a SQUAWK Award may forward a submission to that effect in writing to the CEO.

A nomination for a person to receive a SQUAWK Award shall be made addressing the ‘Criteria for a SQUAWK Award’. Supporting information, including corroborated evidence of the contribution should accompany the nomination.

Procedure for Determining a SQUAWK Award Recipient

The CEO will refer all nominations to the Board for consideration and recommendation.  Determining a SQUAWK Award recipient shall be by two-thirds majority of voting Board members present.

The Board has resolved that all matters relating to a nomination are confidential with only the final decision of the Board in favour of the nomination being announced publicly.

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